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Wifi in a box wireless


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Remote Work Wireless 4G LTE
and Internet Backup Solutions

WiFi-In-A-Box™ gives you a bundled Remote Work 4G LTE Wireless High-speed Internet Plan available anywhere in the contiguous United States and an affordable Internet Backup Solution for retail, small office, and credit card transactions in times of emergencies.

All you require is a cellular tower located within 1-10 miles of your address to get up to 50 Mbps download and 15 Mbps upload, while experiencing a ping-time averaging 45 milliseconds.

You no longer must experience the frustration of buffering and waiting for a slow connection with satellite internet, DSL or dial-up internet.

Internet Service How It Should Be


No Credit Check
Your credit score isn’t checked, so don’t worry. We believe everyone deserves high-speed internet service.
No Contract
Unlike satellite, we don’t require a 24-month contract. With us, you get the flexibility of month-to-month service.
Remote Worker Packages
Plans up to 500GB/mo and speeds up to 40mbps to ensure you have have adequate internet for any line of work.


10 Day Trial
Try us out for 10 days. If you aren’t satisfied, simply return the bundle for a full refund minus shipping cost.
Robust Support
Technical support available 12 hours a day, six days a week to ensure problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.
Faster Than Satellite Internet
With a lag time more than 10 times faster than satellite internet, you can be more productive while working from home and easily use a work VPN.


Consistent Internet Connection
Our advanced 4G LTE routers include band-locking for higher speeds and better consistency on the Mofi4500 and PepWave BR1 Mini.
Business Class Reliability
Failover packages available using all 4 major cell networks simultaneously to ensure your connection never goes down.
Easy Plug & Play Setup
The equipment is easy to install. Everything is plug & play so you are up and running quickly and easily.



Wifi in a box wireless


Mon – Sat | 9 am to 9 pm EST